For a blog with a single author, the profile widget contains the following information. Note that to access different parts of the photo data, you'll use notation such as <data:photo.url/>.

  • title: The title of the widget.
  • userUrl: The author's profile URL.
  • location: The location from the author's profile.
  • aboutme: The "About Me" information from the profile.
  • displayname: The author's display name.
  • photo: The user's profile photo, made up of the following:
    • url: The photo URL.
    • width: The photo's width, in pixels.
    • height: The photo's height, in pixels.
    • alt: The "alt" text for the photo.
On team blogs, the profile widget contains less information about more authors, as follows.
  • title: The title of the widget.
  • authors: The list of all authors, each of which contains the following:
    • displayname: The author's display name.
    • userURL: The author's profile URL.
If you want to design your template to handle both single- and multiple-author blogs, you can use the data:team variable to distinguish between the two cases. E.g. <b:if cond='data:team=="true"'> (display multiple authors) </b:if>